Republic Day 2019 Speech In Kannada For Students : Give a motivational 26 January Speech In Kannada Language and Download this PDF File For preparing to your school programs. Welcome all of you in this site and as you know Indian Republic Day is the biggest national event and celebrated every year on 26 January. This is huge national event and celebrated by every culture, religion peoples. Specially this day biggest celebration we see in Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions. Preparation of Republic day start from 1 or 2 week in all over the India. Not only in Capital of India also on all states of India.

Kannada peoples want to know about the Importance of Republic day in their own tongue language. All students who are in the school institution start their national holiday celebration before 15 days of the celebration day. Many activity take place on the national event celebration. Teachers, students want to know about the important of this day and for this teacher give a task to all students for their speech and essay competition.

Teacher want to enhance all their students knowledge and want to keep update with our national holiday and want to tell them the facts about the Republic day. So for this teachers and students organize a wonderful Republic day programs on their schools. This is the day when all school kids celebrate their Republic day with their own way.

In this article we are going to provide wonderful and easy word Republic Day Speech In Kannada Language For Students, Kids and Teachers. This speech lines will help you to motivate your classmates and school friends. If you are going to participates on your school programs activities such as Speech, essay, poems then this article have Best Quality 26 January Kannada Speech Lines PDF File and Images. You can easily download these images and then start your preparation.

Happy Republic Day Speech In Kannada For Students :

Mainly in schools and colleges students want to celebrate this day with love and happiness. Now your Republic Day Speech In Kannada Lines Start with this paragraph. Read this Speech On republic Day In Kannada and Download these all Images of Speech For Better practice.

Indian republic day is a day when our constitution was came into existence. Friends as you all know we celebrate our three national holiday in a year. All holidays are Republic day , Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. All three festival have a special reason for celebrate. Two national festival are for our “Azadi” and “Savidhan”, where as the third one is for remember our country great leader Mahatma Gandhi Ji.
Gandhi ji was the great freedom fighter and after his decision and important role our country got freedom on 15 August 1947. After 1947 our country celebrate their Independence Day.
Now it’s time to celebrate the 70th Republic day of India. On 26th January Indian Constitution was came into force after 2 years of Independence. 26 January 1950 is the day when all over India, our constitution rules was released. We all Indians follow our constitution rules for survive in India. Also every foreigner and other country peoples need to follow the Indian Constitution rules for living in India.

Republic Day Speech In Kannada

26 January Kannada Speech For School Students :

As you all know the meaning of Republic, republic means Ganatantr in Hindi Word. In Hindi we also called this day Ganatantr Diwas. In our country Indian Peoples has rights to choose their political leader to lead the country in a right way or right direction. Country peoples choose their president, prime minister and their all state minister. This day is after a lot of sacrifices of our great freedom fighters and country leaser, whose sacrifice their life for our “Purna Swaraj”.

They give us this day because they want to see their future generation in a good situation and they want our country peoples live their own way. I salute to all my great leaders who just sacrifice their life for our country. Now this 26 January Speech In Kannada to all of you here in your mother tongue language.

Once they was our country real heros and now our Indian Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy man are our real heors. They give their full service for protect our country. I want to remeber all our freedom fighter and want to speak their name and those are Gandhi Ji, Bhagat Singh, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shubash Chadra Bosh, Nehru Ji, Chandra Sekhar Ajad, Lala Lajpath Rai, Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Laxmi Bai, Shukhdev, Rajguru and many others. These all are our great leaders who give us this independent nation and a republic country.

26 January Kannada Speech

26 January Kannada Speech

26 January Republic Day Speech In Kannada PDF File :

Our all freedom fighter wish to free our country from the British Rules and they did it. But now in this time again our country peoples fighting with crime, corruption and with violence in term of Terrorist, rape and many other way. So we need to get together for kill these all issues from our country and make our country a good country. First of all we all need to give our 100% for the country. Of everyone try from their level then these all crimes and corruption will be end.

Our Great Leader and Missile Man Dr. Abdul Kalam has Said ” If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the Father, the Mother and the Teacher”. So we all need to follow our Missile man and their life rules for make our country a proud country. Download this Republic Day Speech In Kannada PDF File and start your preparation.

Now days we all are phasing corruption and so many other big problem. Every one busy in their busy life schedule but we need to give some time for social activities and motivate the country peoples for this steps. Now through this Republic Day Speech helps, i want to share my some points with you all.

Republic Day Speech In Kannada For Students

Now celebrate this main event of our country with great joy and entertainment. Celebrate this day with your friends, classmates and teachers. Republic day celebration start with National Anthem Songs and with Flag Hosting. Follow these all rules and regulation for celebrate this 70th Republic day.

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