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Our Impossible Love by Durjoy Datta

Life teaches us what ‘love’ truly is  and love gives definition to ‘life’.

The story line of Our Impossible Love is very unique. This fiction novel is interesting from its first page. The story is about Danish Roy and Aisha Paul who are completely strangers. Aisha was like normal girls but at the age of 18, puberty hits her hard and her life started to get puzzled whereas Danish is 21 years old still confused guy about his career. Will they end up with staying together or their love will be impossible?
The plot of the story is interesting and kind of common but unique in its own way. The more you finish the chapters, the more you get curious. The narration of the author is very clear and understandable. The story goes very smoothly. Characters can be confusing, yet strong about their decisions. Whole described writing is the main reason for connecting readers with itself. The author conveyed very important message through Our Impossible Love that

Life the way it is
Love the way it should be.

Aisha, a bit of late bloomer, has to figure out what it means to be woman and to be desired. Danish feels the time is running out of him and he’s going to end up as a nobody, as opposed to his overachieving, determined younger brother.

Life takes a strange turn when Danish, the confused idiot, is appointed as a student counselor to Aisha. Between the two of them they have to figure out love, life, friendship—most of all, themselves. And it’s not proving to be…easy.

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