Fight Depression! Discover Being You!

First, Let me start by saying this, To everyone out there fighting and surviving depression,


You are a HERO!!! Remember you are not alone in this fight and we are all in same ocean but just different ships. You are a Survivor and You are enough!
SO, What is depression you might wonder? Few of us would already know it!
Few of us talk about it, seek help, or encourage themselves out of it, while few of us don’t wanna talk about it, or just don’t know how to ask help, keep fighting with all the time.
Let me tell you what depression is in simple words,
“It is like a Shadow” No really! it is!
It is always, always there, even when we can’t see it!
It is like getting in to something dark, very very dark, where it is hard to find a light ray.
It feels like every one is against you, or no one likes you, or they conspire about you.
It is like being really really alone in midst of a dessert, like lost!
It is like that uninvited guest that comes and stays with you for days.
It is like the enemy that plans to harm you.
It is like suddenly someone wringing your throat in public.
It feels like being invisible almost all the time.
All these are just few points, how it feels like, but trust me it is worse!
And when added with anxiety, oh! It makes you feel like doing and not doing stuff at same time.
Losing interest and having interest, worrying and worrying hell out of it, impatience and frustration,
getting lost and wanting to be in the moment, being alone and wanting to go out, sleep and sleep and sleep or insomnia for days.
There could be many many reasons attached to depression! Why it happened and when it happened won’t be known until you realize you are deeply drowned into it. It is so hard to diagnose.
Few don’t even know they have it but they do go through all that. It is mainly resultant of emotional trauma, pain, emotional damage and extreme sadness. One of the major sign is losing interest in most of the activities they love, being sad and lost most of the times.
I believe, that with the support of people around willing to help and Will to fight depression on our own, finding motivation from every thing we love, small or big, being compassionate to self and just taking one step every time towards positiveness, will and can help us to deal and survive better with depression, and to win over it, eventually.
Once again!!! To everyone out there fighting and surviving depression,
You are a HERO!!!
Remember You are NOT alone in this fight and we are all in same ocean, just in different ships. You are a survivor and You are enough!
Please kindly continue to, LOVE YOURSELF & BE YOUR OWN HERO!
[To do my bit supporting fight against depression, I came up with this motivational video of how it feels and how to keep yourself inspired. “Fight Depression and Discover Being You” I hope at least one person who needs it, finds it! Please Watch & Share –
Until next post! Stay Motivated! Rock out depression! See you & Take Care!
Signing off,
– Rawat.SN
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