Hello everyone, welcome to SquareQuotes. We are here to spread words which will bring reasoning the very thing we need in this 21st century. How to live life in more peaceful way rather than explaining everyone and wasting your energy. Focusing more on your overall development rather wondering over some others thought in blashphemy.

Well we at SquareQuotes are for like minded, Open Minded, and Broad Thinkers. Who keep the potential to change world in fruitful way. Even a drop can bring magic so we can. We are low in number but will grow slowly and sure to make impact.

So are you in???? Ready to let you heart out in the form of words????

We are offcourse not responsible if any person holding grudges against our very writing because of its Myopic vision. If you won’t find truth better avoid reading instead of having accumlation of negative thoughts destroying the very remaining capacity of your mind.

Thankyou. Cheer!!!!