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What if I don’t Stay Today?

This title reminds me of a Movie If I stay, where a girls is in ICU lost her parents and struggling the aftermath as a soul to find what happens to the surrounding when she left her body….the

Yesterday I was way too emotional. At the stroke of midnight my heart was filled with waves of emotions thundering my mind soul. I was crying for no reason.

But before this dam of thoughts broke out, there was something more stupid happened. That was talking about Suicide. Yes! though we are smart enough to deal with but at times the thoughts does over power the intellect. So did it happened with me.

I will be very genuine here to share those, may be some one reading and struggling to cope with depression could make a way out of depression and thought of Suicide.

But Let me frame this Question What if I die Today?

Some people will be affected, lets see how….

There are some discrete soul who love my songs…. ROLF , they would miss my voice and songs that I sing…

They would miss my Quotes on Square Quotes now this is very debatable thought my writing are mostly nature oriented, nature here takes into consideration of people place animal etc…..

There are some people who hate my joke or love my jokes I could not figure this out but they will be feeling freedom…..

Also those pictures of animals in instagram will be saved, whom I used to make memes…. !!! Laugh out Lough

May be this person whom I’m demanding a treat will save some money (laughing) as it is already saving it…. by making some or the other excuses… would officially do so….

These are simply random thoughts…. I know it has nothing to do with dying.. just to amuse you guys!!!

From Archives… Related to Suicide

So yesterday, I was doing suicide, just for our amusement this was going on. Till one end when things were about to collapse. But then I got reminded of my school days when I was in 11th std, i score very low marks in Chemistry Paper, I mockingly said I’m going to do suicide.

I’ll tell you that day was the most stupid day I’ve seen, the teacher today to my Maths teacher and She Slapped me tightly and I was like jag suna suna lage…. I was reprimanded by her, she informed my class teacher my principle. And I tried explaining her that I said with out any such intention, I was kidding joking blah blah even I don’t remeber,

And that was the turning point of my mind. My class teacher did kind of counselling of me, called my dad told about this. My dad was very upset which I really didn’t like.

I do feel sometime about suicide but I asked myself am I that coward to do? I’m not , Neither I was nor I will be with God’s grace.

So at time I assue some of you might pass through such circumstance. Our mind will dwindle so will the action. There will not be harmony.

Now let me tell you a basic concept of Philosophy of Vedanta which was initially mentioned in Upanishads. According to this the crux is, soul is an eternal part of supreme that is Brahm, that is in destructible, so as to release yourself from the cycle of Life and Death you have to attain Salvation which is only possible through the karma or Deeds. And each of us as individual are made part of that supreme soul Brahm so we would be harming God if saying something against self or Another person.

You’re soul will not get liberated by unnatural death, Keep in mind, your family will not be happy if that happens.

Suicide is not a solution to problem rather talking with family friends and loved one surely is.

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