Embrace the glorious mess called LIFE

Life is a book they say. Sometimes, an open or a closed. Nobody is a lucid one. Each one’s life is painted in a spectrum of multiple colors, however, we may see only the colors reflected out of the prism that they intend to display, some get absorbed while the darkest of shadows refract back to them. We’re all encompassed with patterns of happiness and chaos blending together into a never-ending journey. Yes! It’s not just you sad or happy. It’s us all.


This is how we are. This is how life is. Many say that ‘people are what they show’. While I feel ‘people are what they hide’. For instance, you may seem a very happy-go-lucky person to the world, but deep inside you may be hiding your fears and insecurities under this happy-happy mask trying to fake up a smile and live up with it. This is exactly with most of us. We’re all making up ourselves while faking out the ‘not so ourselves’.
Aren’t we all the same? Isn’t our lives on the same game?


Well, I don’t believe completely in the term BROKEN, because I somehow feel there’s absolutely nothing that can break you if you don’t assume yourself to be. Maybe we are into bits and pieces traveling into others and them traveling into us and the difference creates a void.
A friend of mine saw an old broken watch on my table, she said “Oh! It’s broken”. I said ” Yes, it is and deep inside we all are. But isn’t it cool? Your heart breaks but still beats. We are all recollecting the broken pieces and walking ahead in our lives. We repair ourselves and get back to life with a smile, might be a plastic one but soon the plasticity fades away and you get tired of not smiling and life offers you reasons to smile. Its all more than okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Right?

After all, before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall.


Nevertheless, it’s better to count your blessings than to cry over your sorrows. Somewhere a child is happy to have new shoes, while somewhere another is happy with just a single limb. I may somehow be disappointed on not making to a new venture, while someone next to me could be happy on getting fresh new work. So, it’s better to be happy for what is and hopeful about what will be. Because, no matter what, life is its own kind of beautiful.


I find myself often in darkness and despair but somewhere at the end of the dark tunnel is a ray of light, a hope so tight that whatever happens always has a reason attached to it. What’s gone doesn’t come back. People come and go and the right ones always stay. Sometimes nobody understands you. Sometimes very few will want to hear from you. It’s okay. Not everybody you desire deserves you. Not everybody has a head and heart to feel you. But yo do. You know yourself more than they know you.
Give yourself a little more energy, a little more vibe, and a little more sky.
It’s just a bad day, not a bad life. Let life happen.

PS: When I feel like being told and find nobody to hear me, I often talk to my own soul. And, of all the things in this world, I fall for the pen and paper the most. They never promised me love, but have never left me since the day we committed to each other. I love them. They love me equally.

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