Urge to Talk

Some words left Unsaid

Hey, I’m not sure if you are reading this. May be some day out of blues you might come across these words. But there is a deep Urge, Urge to talk, talk to you. I don’t know what might made you angry or the influences of nature cause’ of which you are not responding. May be you’re way much engrossed in your studies if that’s the reason I’m happy.

Though I’ve many things to tell, may be I would run out of all those. This is true and that’s how I feel. There is just one hope to talk to you, and waiting for that is all I did. As it’s been more than half a day since I waited for you. My eyes drenched in the message I sent which you didn’t respond.

These writings are biting. I don’t know what I am writing. I don’t want to please you or be pleased by such affectionate words, these words are my own, that engraved from my heart and soul. May be the artist in me which can’t make a portrait of you, but can define each and every details with words I carry.

I did miss talking to you today. I can’t deny, I can’t hide. I want to scream and tell that to you. But I’m bound and unable to do. Limitations of my feelings and lack of medium you know. And what if I might disturb you in your flow. Which would make me think to and fro……


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Apoorv Agrawal

Unprecedented :- One Who has not been Before! I'm trying to make words in order so that you don't get any Disorder.

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