Contemplating Things

We know things are relative but we often try to comprehend the situation with a hope to make it permanent and that’s where all the trouble starts.

This is hundred percent true, you know why? It’s because, we often contemplate words, reactions and emotions of other from our perspective, we may never ever or least concerned with what they are actually feeling or what they want from us. We become so self concentrated at the cost of their that we often fail to realize what we are doing is worth or not.

You never know how swiftly you move into depression while creating a thought again and again without any fruitful result. What basically
you do is you overpower that person or anything of which you are thinking about. They accumulate the vibrations of your thoughts, and they get the strength do and go opposite to your expectations.

But first of all we must learn to face the truth, the lie and the unsaid words that are affecting. We must need to say, it doesn’t affect us. It’s just a pity thing that people with myopic vision does. We have broad vision and perspective to life and feelings. We care for feelings but not at the cost of our own happiness.

So the first rule to apply here is, Let the work of left hand be not know to even the right hand. I know it’s going to be very difficult at first but you have to say your mind about this thing continuously.

Even at this point of time when the stream of thoughts flowing with a great pace and you can’t build a dam just in a second. You have to learn this process. It continuous and regular you have to do it slowly.

Lessons Learnt in Two Sem

These are my personal views, may contradict with yours, take it as lightly as possible. But the truth tastes bitter.

Every one is Mean, What matter is to What degree? Hope you would agree to this statement of mine which I have inferred after close proximity.

So I was mean to have urge and feeling to spent time with people whom I thought would be decent and understanding. But that was my one thought I can’t over emphasis everything on just one arbitrary emotion. I started falling for them and eventually as I was aware somewhere that things will collapse. And it Happened.

But to say bluntly and blame them is not what I meant to describe here. We all play equal part and all are responsible for situations like this.

But the thing that should be learnt is ease in dealing with people with stiff emotions. I know now things may have changed, the equation may have reversed but is it the end??? Definitely not!

I’m rather more thankful to them as my lost zeal to write came back, yes! Writing has always be dearer to me, and may be the mistake was to search them as a reader for those of my writing.

And then I found this, but before that I was aprehensive to sort out some misunderstanding between people but their cold attitude and behaviour clearly showed that it doesn’t matter to them. They were on their words of being mean and selfish which they wholeheartedly promoted and showed.

Never mind, Everything Happens for Good and I have learnt and de-learnt a few things…

  • I have learn to be proud of What I’m becoming now, irrespective of what you feel and think about me.
  • So far this journey has been beautiful, as I have spent splendid moments and also learnt some decisive experiences, both have taught me how life is.
  • I’ve learnt to accept challenges and defeat.
  • I have learnt to face real and fake.
  • I have learnt to response the rejection happily.
  • I have learnt to work alone without false hope.
  • I have also learnt to stop expecting from people who don’t care.
  • And I have learnt to be me whatsoever happens.

Somewhere I encountered this picture I genuinely wish to let them know about it… And wished If they had audacity, generosity and grace to say this instead. But never mind. I wish them to be an open book with their terms and condition for their future endeavors in dealing with people so they can out-rightly tell them.

I may be harsh on my words. But I am not fake of words and deeds. I have gained the courage to say things as they are unlike the manupulation that people often do. I have learnt to stand still in back bitching, like the Brutus….!!! from Julius Caeser…!!!!

I learned to live for myself over others. I realized some times you give too much water to a plant that fails to grow. It may sound a little absurd but it is apt.

Apoorv Agrawal

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Apoorv Agrawal

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