Among all the creations of god after spending twenty one years of life the most complex thing which I found was relationship. Relationship is something beyond limits. In this age of machines, people don’t have time for relationships. In fact they have relationships but mostly they are fake.


Relationships is not a word. Its an emotion. It’s about the various phases a mother goes through to give birth to her child. It’s about how hard a father works to fulfill the requirements of his family.

Relationship is all about caring and love. All you need to be in a good relationship is a little love, care and time. Money can’t buy relations. Its all about the bond between two hearts. It can be a mother and her children, a husband and a wife, a brother and sister and many other relations which exists in world.
Apart from blood relations, there are many other relations. A cricketer which could be batsman has an emotional relationship with his bat. A photographer may have a special relationship with his camera. Sometimes we don’t find it comfortable to let other drive our bike or to play with other bat than our own. Even I have an affection for the seat on which I sit in my class and bus and I feel uncomfortable when I have to sit on any other seat.

The humanity has changed a drastic change in few decades. Now people take relations causally all that matter for them is money. But however rich a person may be, at some phase of his life, in various situations the lack of relationships will haunt him. When you are rising but people will laugh at your downfall. Its all about few words ‘laugh with you’ and ‘laugh at you’ but it gives you the lesson about life, the lesson which you will never learn in any school or college. Life is the best teacher. Its not about sun-shines and rainbows. Sometimes its about the dark night but its not endless. The sun rises, definitely. Life is a nasty thing. It will push you down. Falling is not the end but if give up its the end. You need to keep trying to get up and mark a new beginning. You need to fight hard. And in these situations relationships play a vital role.

Relationships don’t leave you lonely. They give you the strength to fight back the reason to live, to work hard, to make a new beginning, to succeed.

The youth of today the facebook world, they think, changing their statues from single to in a relationships is all about relations. No this is not relationship this is infatuation. It’s not that easy to maintain relations. You need to be mature in relations. You need to understand each other. Its not about being in various fake relationships. Its all about true relationship.

People don’t find you cool if you don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t know how to cope with this fucking mentality.

-Written By Ahraz Akhtar
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