Take Time to Make your Soul Happy

Happiness is the elixir of life. We all want it. Happiness is not one big big thing. It is a million little things. Happiness is a silly fight with your sister. Happiness is a peaceful nap in the afternoon. Happiness is a smile on your parents face with you being the reason behind it. Happiness is your brother pulling off your hair. Happiness is etc etc.

Keep aside the poor, the richest of men crave for it. Well, this makes me wonder what immensely expensive stuff ‘Happiness Is !’ Let the brain do the talking now trying to pull some sensory nerves and research a lil bit to come up with of insights of ‘ what real happiness is?

Nobody wants to be sad in this world including me. The one who is happy doesn’t really understand he is, in turn wanting to be happier and extending upto being happiest. If this goes like this, infinite happiness could be a revolutionary concept in future.

Even if we are happy do we actually realize and value it ?- A big NO.

I know now all this while, the concept of happiness is seeming a vicious confusion. Let’s cut it shorter and simpler. Do you remember your childhood days when deciding which crayons to use was your biggest trouble. Remind yourself of the tensed situations you spent in those stationery shops investigating at those piles of lunch boxes trying to build up a fancy picture of being the one with the coolest tiffins in your gang. Don’t these moments bring a gentle breeze of happiness in your life tinkling you to the core.

Eraser is just a petty thing used to erase that we borrow today which can hardly be found in our pencil boxes now. Oh wait! How many of us really use a pencil box !! We grew up and so did our choices. Was it the same then?

Now, bring yourself to your old classroom where your teacher invites students to read aloud a chapter in class. What did we do then? We all raised hands like monkeys jumping for bananas. Why did we really do that, is something I wonder! It certainly wouldn’t fetch us a medal for the same. Then why?? I guess, it made us happy, simply happy with us being the most genuine selves.

Being happy with smaller things in life was our practice then. We grew up, did we? And so did the concept of our happiness grew up. We really need to think over this. Each time I knock my puzzled brain half filled with thoughts and half with queries, it Googles up the simple essence of happiness- ‘do what makes you happy and that’s how you be happy!’ Hurrah! Isn’t that so simple! No it isn’t. Only the language is but if we go down the literature of it, it is unexplainable.

Let’s not think much and introspect a bit.

Who does not smile at the innocence of a child. We feel happy to the core of our hearts. It brings a smile so tender and pure as the winter morning dews. Why? This concludes another reason to happiness – ‘Being with people who make you happy is how we can be happy’. Happiness need not have a scene set up for it, it just comes from within in the slightest possible situation of life. If we do more of it, more happy is what we become.

Flushing our anger and ego helps us to go closer to sanctity and brings us towards happiness unlimited. We don’t really practice this often. I wish we could! But even a few times could make a difference and the probability to happiness could multiply exponentially.

Comparisons and expectations lead to nothing but unhappiness. Can’t we just live and simply live? Isn’t it easy that way to be happy. Can’t we enlarge our happiness by doings things we love to do more often. Surely we can. Connecting our threads of happiness to future and past gets interwoven into a web of uncertainty and despair.

So, everyday let’s do atleast one-thing that makes us happy and brings us closer to our soul; the soul we were gifted from heaven above. This is how we realize the true meaning of happiness.

Happiness is simply the morning crimson sunrise.

Sonali Gupta

Happiness is in the sky filled with chirping birds. Happiness is in the squirrels giggling and teasing one another. Happiness is in the rippling waters. Happiness is in flowers clinging and hustling each other. Happiness is in you yourself.

PS: I made a little craft today out of reminiscences of childhood, all the while I was working on it I felt occupied and happy. I showed it to my family and friends. They appreciated it. I felt more happy. Happiness is not out there, it’s in you! In doing anything that makes you glad you are alive. Happiness is within is all you’ll ever discover. Isn’t it so easy to be happy??

Let’s think over it ! 🙂

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  1. Such a true picture you have portrayed. I am taken away by the beauty of this post. I read and re read this. To actually feel I have been doing the same not counting the little thing that brings huge amount of happiness.❤❤ This is lovely sonali.

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