A Day Reviving a Spirit of Sacrifice

A day reviving a spirit of sacrifice and dedication towards country and countrymen,
Reminding us of the great souls who sacrificed their life to keep her(mother Earth)breathing,
A day when we achieved freedom, sovereignty,
A day when the Constitution of India was implemented,
And the preamble of the constitution reminding us of our rich culture, heritage, tradition and diversity.

National flag, the pride of our nation will once again be hoisted tomorrow,
The Prime Minister paying homage tothe departed soldiers,
All the three wings of the army:
land,air and navy passing by,
Tableaus and attractive models presented by the states,
Daredevils showcasing their skills and performing adventures,
Military contingents marching down Rajpath,
The army on horseback saluting the President,
Awards and bravery medals given to the courageous ones,
And the celebrations being concluded with The National Anthem.

Let us make our nation ‘ The Golden Bird ‘ once again,
Let us make our nation corruption free,
Let us eradicate dowry system,unemployment,terrorism,drug addiction and social evils of society,

Let us all speak in the language of peace, universal brotherhood and ecstasy,
Let us not be so single-minded about keeping our lives moving,
Let us now involve in the exotic moment of introspection.

Keeping the words of Mahatma Gandhi Ji in mind,

‘ You must be the change you want to see in the world ‘,

Let us all live in complete peace,harmony,unity and believe in humanity,
Let us all change for the good,
And awaken the true spirit of REPUBLIC DAY.
                     VANDE MATRAM
                 EACH AND EVERYONE!

Written by:
Vanika Kansal

Instagram: @vanika.kansal

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Unprecedented :- One Who has not been Before! I'm trying to make words in order so that you don't get any Disorder.

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