India hosts UN 5th June World Environment Day

India hosts UN 5th June World Environment Day

Time passes but with time something remains as they were. One of such thing is Plastic. With “Beat Plastic Pollution”, India will be hosting United Nations 5th June World Enviornment Day programme. Now this much hyped title by UN, to cure world of substance who was found finally founded first by Leo Baekeland, inventing Bakelite fully sythetic polymer which had no natural substances since then surge for finding a cheap substitue for insualtion was on way till it was the world war 2 when nylon was found replacing natural silk in mearge cost.
Today as we see World Enviornment Day, when we turn the pages of newspaper we would come across many thing that gonna happen just for one day in our country capital as well in states we belong to. Be it from rallies, marathon, or collection of plastics from street or giving awareness. And the next day everything comes to real, nothing to revive from the day or why it was neccessary. Well atleast something is better than nothing so this one day we save somewhat.
From Tamil Naidu banning single use of plastic (though exempting some day to day commodities like milk, medicine etc) or Madhya Pradesh bringing plastic crushing machines for recyling, or From getting E-vehicles on road just for a day’s shows doesn’t seem apt.

Why Plastic is Hectic for Our Enviornment?

Plastic is something which doesn’t degrade in enviornment when dumped, so to have proper disposal, recylcing is necessary. If you are boarding your train in India for a long journey say from kanyakumari to Kashmir, you can’t close your eyes with barren fields filled with polythene. They don’t get decomposed by bacteria, but they do prevent land to not get fertile by covering it. They slow down the seepage of water to replish the aquifiers deep down. Make a way to dreaden animals when they swallow them along with leaves. 
You might have heard in news regarding the death of Whale the giant known mammel to earth, because of golloping plastic bottles??? Or some turtles find it difficul with straws getting in there nostrils. Just open the door and look around you would find enough proof of exploiting enviornment by this hazadous plastic monster. But what we do, nothing, blame our government, municipal co-operations. It’s a 50-50 game, they are to be blamed as much as we are. Though be can’t raise our fingers on anybody but certainly we can play our part too.

How Do we Play Our Part in Contributing?

First of all what we can do is carry a small bag if go out to buy some staples or grocery from market. It is the most common thing we have been doing when plastic was not introduced in India. I still remeber long time ago we use to go to harts to buy vegitables and would have home made bags. I still prefer.
Second, Straws are tiny dangerous stuff, we could avoid using it rather use some stirrer or have any degradable options which offcourse is not viable in developing nations as of now at the rate plastic one. But we can still avoid it we don’t need to have a straw when we have class to fill in and drink.
Stop polluting near by water bodies by throwing plastic bags, polythene, like we in India do this the most. We have some flowers and other leftover after doing our daily rituals and then one fine day we aim it disposing in flowing river. Well in earlier time we didn’t had polythene nor we have any great dams that would obstruct the flow of river so such matter in due time would get diluted in rivers but now river and water bodies are on the verge of getting scarce.
Lastly but most importantly We need to use dustbin which are place by our government, there are two colors one is green for renewable waste or may be green waste which could be dumped in landfill however other will be of solid waste of blue or similar color which would be recycled in machines.
Not just plastic there are many other things that we can do in contributing our part like taking stairs if it’s single or double floor, or when distance if of few hundred metres could be covered without vehicles.

Some of the enlighted people’s say on World Enviornment Day!

These are however my personal view which may differ to the level of our thinking and personal beliefs. I would here by conclude on saying that nature has given everything we need, we have made our own religion to protect our men, our own law. Can’t there be a sense of togetherness for the nature that is holding all of us different people all together without asking for money. Just Care is what it needs. Can’t we give it ourpart ???? It’s your Call !
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