What is A FreeMind to You?

A FreeMind



FreeMind ? Right, what it is??? Well, this is one of the most common yet uncommon things which we can relate to ourselves.




Here are some of the best answers given by Writers of Instagram on SquareQuotes Instagram handle.

Anjali Scribbled something which none of us can deny, read below what she feels inside :

                A mind with the ability of acceptance and to conquer and overcome things. To hustle if somethings wrong and to cherish if its right. A free mind is the one that knows how to manage and control things that couldn’t be and tackle situations in a patient way. A free mind is a state of mind when you lose yourself to the imagination and believe in dreams and possibilities. It is a positive state of mind where dreams come true, things happen, we have to believe, we learn and think good for ourselves and others. When you realize the things you cant control and achieve what you can is a free mind. The ability to think in more than one perceptive and how differently a single situation has its edge. A person is with a free mind if he or she can patiently consider problems and can use all negatives in an encouraging and positive way.

Shriya says,
               A free mind, in its actual sense, doesn’t care for anybody but itself. A mind which thinks clearly and is free of misconceptions. This means that a free mind doesn’t take the stress, it tries to be lively, it always wants to be uncluttered. A mind which speaks up and knows the meaning of being truly alive and smiles is a free mind.

For Madhvi,
                  A free mind is just free from confusion. Once it solves and clears all problem and confusion it becomes a free mind.

Haripriya thinks,
             FreeMind is rare. Your brain always carries a thought or thoughts. You can achieve the state of free mind by meditating. And hereby meditating I mean the state of emptiness. Losing your identity for a while.

Salman pointed out some key points below
1- Stop stressing 2- Stop worrying 3- Give rest to the problems weighing us down 4- Lighten up 5- Forgive ourself 6- Forgive others

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