The Night Owl

Ever wonder when was the last time you had a good sleep. To be more precise The Good Relaxed Sleep free from every worldly affairs? No! Then take a time to get one. Well my concern here is not to bother you today of things that you are losing but to make you realize, are we heading in the right direction?

Things have changed, so did we. There is no denying on this bitter truth. Digital world that we talk about today have brought unknowns near to us while at the same time have distanced the known.

Some of us are so alone that we look for some external source of happiness while some of us are getting depressed. And today I get reminded of this old song which I’m sharing with you. Lyrics are fainted in my memories but somehow I found Lost Stars…..!!

This may not be a big post but it is certainly a post to make an impact. What are we crying for? Something that is not in our hand. Something that we want without dying for. Something that we do want but without efforts. Is it? Why are we so mean today? Mean to our-self, so mean that we have become night owls who is no more wise.

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Apoorv Agrawal

Unprecedented :- One Who has not been Before! I'm trying to make words in order so that you don't get any Disorder.

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