Where are we Heading?

I have many things to say. Many perception of life to be vocal about. But let me be slow and witty in saying them all. This may not be a story but is something that has some hidden meaning for everyone. Where are we heading? We don’t know, right?

We are destined in a boat which don’t sail yet we are fighting to make it cut across a dry river. So are things happening in life. Some people are furious to build something that would distinguish them with the rest, while others are just looking for short term benefits. This can be you or me or anyone!

Our equations are different yet we are trying to make them equal with others. Isn’t it a good idea? Doing what every other person is doing? Well we don’t want innovation nor we want to do hard work. You know why because it doesn’t pay you initially. We all are looking for something cheap, readily available for what we don’t have to toil our eyes.

May be the inspiration of young talented minds with such narrow perception of thoughts being seen these days. Yes, they should be relaxed and chilled why they should see dreams of doing something spectacular in their young twenties. Why they be compared with people in other part of the world who are achieving something at an very early age.

Zeal to do something comes from within, Zeal to learn comes from self.

But why am I so bothered? Why am I trying to mend some minds who I think can do wonders if they polish their skills. Let them wander, let them be unguided and be disillusioned. Let them be pathless. Well that’s what is a major concern for our country, it shall not be left without having a clear cut approach so that all these creatures are not goalless. They have a direction to sail, to cut across seas and ocean, not just rivers.

It’s just a perception.


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Apoorv Agrawal

Unprecedented :- One Who has not been Before! I'm trying to make words in order so that you don't get any Disorder.

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