She was flying in the sky
Enjoying all the freedom of the world
Passing through orchards
Flowing over the streams
Dancing under the falls
Embracing the trees
Living a fairytale
Strolling to the deepest
 from the shallowest 
And then suddenly she was clutched  by some dirty hands 
She was abducted
She could see her wings torn
She could feel the pain of her skin ripping
She was being rended badly
She was the goddess whom they raped
In a common attire, she was draped
She came down to enjoy the earth she made
She was the goddess whom they raped 
Thankyou Shreya for submitting such a wonderful poem which conveys your heart out in common. Below are the links if you wish to connect with such a beautiful writer.
Instagram: @shreya_rastogi.17
Blog: https://shreyarastogiblog.wordpress.com
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