My Imagination

What should I write? I don’t know,
it’s my first poem, I want to make it glow.
I have to make an impact with this ink,
so the reader has enough to link.

I think I need to apply my Imagination to it.

I can write about my Mother, But I have to write limited words, they will not do justice to her individuality.

I can write about a women I once loved, But I have written enough about her, I don’t think she should be given more thought.

I can write about my dearest Friends, But I will probably do it later, so before they read it they think of me as an experienced poet.

I think I should take my Imagination to another direction, somewhere in the past.

I can write about Cleopatra, the renowned Queen of Egypt, But I don’t know much about her, will have to do some research.

I can write about The Father of our Nation, Gandhiji, But a lot of people have already written about him, I will need something different for my first poem.

I can Write about a brave soldier from the First world war, But the bloodshed and loss will make my readers weep.

I think I should change direction again, take my imagination to the beauty of nature.

I can write about a mountain, stood in its place for thousands of years, saw a lot of changes in its neighbourhood, but then I’ll have to think more to make the poem interesting.

I can write about a fascinating flower, but aren’t most of the poems written are about the same?

I can write about a pangolin, a frequently poached animal on the verge of extinction, but then again I don’t want to write a disheartening poem.

Wait! I think my Imagination has done enough

looks like I have written a poem about what I can write.
And just like always, my Imagination has served me right.

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