The Earth has music for those who listen

A thundering scary dark night ended in peaceful raindrops drizzling down the lap of mother earth and within a fraction of minutes, nature had absorbed within itself the whole fountain of water showered from the sky above. The soil seemed to spread its damp and moist aroma all around and seemed to pose up flaunting all its muscles with which it had held millions of forests since ages and promises to continue to do the same.
Rains are awesome as everybody says and I make it a point to climb up my terrace in no time and glare with my microscopic eyes at everything around me that nature has bestowed upon. Astonished at the view in my garden, I saw the fortune seeker climbers; the money plants embellished with sparkling dew drops and this was an awestruck view. The winds blew with battling velocities, each little breeze fighting against the other and trying to supersede the rest. With this, the lovely tender rosebuds blew smoothly and hugged its mom who was crowned with gorgeous crimson petals proudly claiming to be the loveliest lady in town. ‘ Where do these petals get colors from?’ ‘ How briskly the breezes touch the flowers!’ ‘I wish these flowers could see themselves in a mirror and know what glam dolls they are!’
Unaffected by the stardom the roses had attained by now, the lilies came into limelight. Lights, camera, action and they seemed like never before. The tallest of them moved left and the rest followed its leader. While it moved right, similar discipline was witnessed again. To my surprise, I uttered to myself, how harmoniously nature can be beautifully disciplined.
The clock down the first floor by now might have traveled a commendable part of its journey when the pendulum voiced its existence loud announcing another hour arrives. Unaware of the laws of punctuality I started walking briskly on the little pool of water that had accumulated on the terrace shed. The feeling that you get on sitting by a riverside and throwing those tiny pebbles into the water, making ripples and ripples; occupied the central hemisphere of my brain and it was so powerful that I did not want to move. I am sure this was some conspiracy of the medulla in my brain to restrict my movements. But, I resisted and kept my slippers aside and landed my uncovered feet on nature gifted treat for me. If I had been waiting for a miracle, it truly was one. Trust me, some best feelings cannot be expressed. While my feet and the water were trying to give a high five and tie some friendship bands, something musical caught my attention. I looked behind to find the banana leaves trying to counterattack the intense competition the roses had set in harking to be the winners of the event. The old banana leaves along with some younger generations budding up flew with no bounds. The gentle breeze striking my strands of untied hair intensified me. There was a magic and those grandparent banana leaves with their orchestral experience added novelty to the whole scenario.
The clouds seemed running speedily. I wonder if they were getting late to school or they were called to reach home asap! The winds grew colder and coldest and there stood I totally awestruck by the natural trance. The cottony blanket coverage in the sky reminded me that yes it was so cold there but the feeling you get in the lap of nature is heartwarming.
Suddenly all the clouds rushed home happily ever after and the Sun dominated its throne. The colorful birds filled the sky chirping and humming around in their own little gangs. The squirrels climbed up the boundaries and sprung up in joy and valor. Butterflies became the crowns of the beautiful roses who tried all its might to be the most talked about diva in the vicinity. And nature seemed at its best. The sky was fashioned in turquoise painted with beams of yellow filling its emptiness.
I looked at the sky and it equally looked at me with pride and open arms welcoming a new day, a new breath, new hope and the magical music of new beginnings!

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