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Sabarimala | Kerala, India

Sabarimala can be heard more often these days being in news about the PILs that have been file by young lawyers associations well lets see a little history about this course and then what one of our guest writer has to share his views relating to the contemporary world.

Sabrimala Temple in South Central Pathanamthitta district of Kerala doesn’t traditionally permit the entry of menstruating women of age 10-50 years. The Reason cited is the deity, Lord Ayyappa who is believed to be a Naishtika Brahmachari (Eternal Celibate). Since the devotees have to go through a strict 41 day period of abstinence and rituals before visiting the shrine every year it doesn’t allow women to go through. There have been tussle for the entry since 1991 and the break through can be said in 2016 when The India Young Lawyers Associations files a PIL with the supreme court. There were also Ready to Wait Campaign by devotee.

Sabrimala | Kerala India

The miracle of nature that you address as ‘impure’, is the very reason for our existence for which you can never thank her enough.
The one whom you have adorned on a pedestal to worship, must be laughing at the inability of your consciousness when you stop her from praying whereas she is the prayer that you should be chanting.

(Pay attention to the words that I have mentioned in BLOCK LETTERS in the following context.)

The Name ‘Sabarimala’, literally means the hill of Sabari, a name derived from ‘SHABARI’, a tribal female devotee of Lord Rama mentioned in the Ramayana.

The History,

Lord Ayyappa, the chief deity of Sabarimala, is believed to be born of the union of the female form of Lord Vishnu, ‘MOHINI’ and Lord Shiva.

Manikandan (a prince of the Pandalam dynasty), an incarnation of Lord Ayyappa who rediscovered the temple in the 12th century was found by the king on the bank of a river. Hunger for the throne and kingdom politics gave rise to conspiracies against him. In a conspiracy he was sent to the forest to bring the milk of a tigress in hope that he would be killed. But people realized his divine origin when he returned to the palace riding a ‘TIGRESS”.

So if we sum it all up, Sarabimala, a temple who was rediscovered by a man whose divine origin was realized by the people owing to a FEMALE (Tigress), a temple whose name is derived from one of the most loved FEMALE devotee of lord Ram (Shabari) and finally a temple where one who is worshiped has had his existence due to a WOMAN (Mohini), and yet it is the people living in the light of their pseudo reality standing against the entry of woman in the same temple!
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