Yellow Eyes Telling A Story

Yellow eyes telling a story

I still remember the day when I saw a kid of age about 10 or 11 years
picking trash near the Ganges river,
I was far from and so I wasn’t able to have a clear view of what he was
up-to, so I reached him… He was in middle of a dump pit(i didn’t saw the
pit from far because I wasn’t wearing my glasses that day), when I took a
close look at what he was up to  he wasn’t collecting trash, he wasn’t
volunteering for some cleanliness program , he was looking for some
valuable thing in trash , he was searching his fortune in the pit filled
with used and discarded things by society, like him
People like him are also discarded, they lack the most basic essential
needs and that’s sad and a concerning question.

I was watching him while standing on the ground above the pit, a place
where I could have a better look of his face, his face was lacking emotions
, he seemed plane without emotion,the colour of his eyes was different
maybe cause he doesn’t get food at time and proper nourishment or he was
suffering from some kind of disease because of lack of nourishment and
basic facilities … like the world is suffering from the biggest days lack
of humanity these days.
He was carrying a plastic gunny bag on his shoulder and it was filled to
the top , it seems heavy too but he was carrying it like it was a piece of
cake, he was putting anything that he can sell in that plastic bag and
suddenly he saw me standing there, his eyes were telling a story , a story
that I wasn’t able to comprehend at that time,  I thought I should run,
cause what if he snatches my phone from my hand, I was going to run any

But he shouted “ can you give me a hand .. I need help to escape this dump
pit”(it seemed that he was asking for help to overcome his poverty, help
for escaping the nightmare life he was living, it seemed he is asking for
help to escape the vicious circle of life he is living in )
I was shocked, confused and my mind was comprehending every possibility of
something going wrong, If I help him to escape the pit, by giving a hand he
would be standing equal by me,
it required a little effort and *courage.*
It was easy to help him escape by small effort… but as soon as I was going
to reach for his hand…
The 1% that controls the world, dragged me away from him saying …
“They aren’t equal to us and we won’t allow you to make everyone equal”
And I woke up.was a dream but a dream that gave me a hint how this world
works and the idea why everyone  is not equal cause we don’t have the
courage to help them escape  their shitty life, we do don’t to put effort
cause it would make us all same and that’s not how the world the the the

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